Incredibly Amazing Options Of Spending Quality Time In Toronto

View Of Art Gallery Of Ontario

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Toronto is inarguably one of the beautiful cities in the world. The atmosphere here is simply electrifying as there is a sea of humanity out here witnessing the breathtaking scenes of the natural surroundings. Moreover, there is no dearth of facilities and entertainment options in Toronto. On the top of this, the culinary scene of the place is equally appealing, thanks to the people from various diverse backgrounds residing here. So, here are some of the options of spending quality time in Toronto.

Art Gallery Of Ontario

There are plenty of options for people here, and the same thing applies for the art lovers. They come across amazing pieces of artworks in Toronto, and a visit to Art Gallery of Ontario can leave one completely elevated and refreshed. People always love this great aesthetic experience.

Walking Tours

Walking Tours have always been quite popular among the people, and the common reason is that they get to see some of the famous spots in the city. Moreover, the presence of tour guides ensures that they don’t miss on any significant details about various intriguing buildings. The tours start from Union Station and take one to the City Hall via the Financial District.

Watching Movie In The Park

While there are a number of cinema halls in Toronto, it feels so unique and compelling to watch a movie in the park. There are a number of parks including Harbourfront, Christie Pits Film Festival, etc. that provide people the option of seeing the movie in the park during summer.

Harbourfront Center

Apart from the movie in the harbourfront on summer, there are other incredible ways of spending one’s time as well. One could always witness astonishing musical performances by people. Moreover, there are always cultural and food fests organised there from time to time, which are accompanied by DJs and dancing.

Kensington Market

Kensington Market has to offer a number of options as there is a dazzling array of bars, cafes, specialty food stores, produce stands, and vintage stores. Moreover, one could also get to eat some scintillating and scrumptious food here at a number of eating joints here like Global Cheese.

Music Garden

Music Garden is a happening place where people gather to enjoy live performances. There are always some concerts organised on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Outdoor Pool

One amazing thing about Toronto is the presence of outdoor pools here. One could simply feel refreshed after diving in one of those outdoor pools that are spread all over the city.


Visiting the beach is another great way of relaxing and soaking in the natural surroundings. Some of the spectacular beaches include Bluffer’s Park Beach, Cherry Beach, and Hanlan’s Point Beach.

Allen Gardens Conservatory

People find the place intriguing since they get to explore 16,000 square feet of area that is completely packed with all sorts of plants. It feels as if one is inside a tropical rainforest.

Toronto Botanical Garden

This spot is loved by nature lovers since they cannot hold themselves from visiting the spot again and again to appreciate the collection of plants here. There are 17 themed gardens in Toronto Botanical Garden that are spread over four acres of area.

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