Discovering The Pulsating Vibes Of Kensington Market In Toronto

View Of Kensington Market

Toronto is among the most beautiful cities in the world. There is a dazzling array of options available with people to spend their time in the best possible manner here. The atmosphere is lively and vibrant, and it is the people from various nationalities that add more colour to the place. And, similarly, there is the Kensington Market in Toronto that never fails to mesmerize the people. The whole aura is so hypnotizing here, that people fall in love with the place as soon as they visit it. Tourists and locals are compelled to visit the place repeatedly since the vibe of the place is so enchanting and overpowering. It is liked by people of all ages. Here are some of the excellent features of Kensington Market which make it a memorable place.

Colourful Spot

The best part about Kensington Market is that it is a colourful spot. There are a number of fruit markets here that sell a great variety of colourful fruits to people, and the visual scene is a treat to watch. Then, one could see the vintage signage as well on storefronts, which further add colour to the atmosphere.

Exciting Music And Enthusiastic People

The best part about Kensington Market is that there is a great quality melodious music played in every corner of the market. The music is soothing to the ears, and elevates the mood of the people. Moreover, another great aspect of visiting Kensington Market is that one gets a chance to meet enthusiastic people here. They could be seen wearing vintage local outfits. Moreover, they prefer to walk or ride their bicycles. There are both people from old generation as well as the youthful hipsters here. So, this great combination of things and people here make the atmosphere vibrant and youthful. So, the colourful places and streets and a great variety of people make the place an exciting place to visit.

Great Variety Of Options

Another great benefit of visiting the Kensington Market is that one gets a chance to shop from a dazzling array of things here. First off, there is a great variety of restaurants and cafes here that serve mouth-watering food. So, people could always choose the best quality food. And, the best part is that these restaurants have patios that offer tourists and locals a chance to witness amazing atmosphere around them while sipping their favourite drinks and eating their favourite food.

Similarly, there are a number of stores here serving a great variety of items. Some of the most popular stores include lifestyle shop, Good Egg, and Model Citizen, to name a few. Model Citizen has a great collection of clothes and jewellery made by eminent artists. Then, there is the Flashback where one could find a great range of leather trench. Apart from this, there is something for the kids as well since there are shops like Kid Icarus, and other stationery shops here. Women too love this spot since there are a number of shops where they could go for shopping, including their favourite shop Anice, which specializes in providing excellent jewellery to people.

Toronto’s Parks That Also Are The Perfect Picnic Spots

People Enjoying Their Time In High Park

Bob Hilscher /

Nearly all of Toronto’s parks get a flood of people when summer comes knocking. The same parks are also the best places to have a picnic. Thus, it is a common sight to see the parks covered in a sea of picnic blankets and couples making the most the time with small talk other activities. Whichever your picnic fancy, here are some of the park within the city that are perfect spots for picnics.

Trinity Bellwoods

The H-Bar and several BBQ stands are the reason why most local like going for a picnic at Trinity Bellwoods. They can get a pre-ordered basket of food from the stand or even opt to pick a spontaneous basket from Nadege, Poutin’s or Chippy’s.

High Park

A picnic is often in a lush green space with ample shade to head for the hot sun, and the High Park has plenty of all this. With eighteen designated picnic sites in the park, visitors are left to enjoy their day just as long as they will not do any barbecuing.

Christie Pits

A picnic cannot be complete without something to bite. Hence, Apiecalypse is a good option to consider when thinking of what to buy when you get to the park. The other option is the Tacos El Asador. After you get your meals, find a spot on the park furthest from the sports field and relax.

Ashbridges Bay

Just a few feet from the Ashbridges Bay parking lots is a section with shady trees and pristine tables. Located on a lakeside, the park is very popular with the locals. They go there for a swim and merry making.

Scarborough Bluffs Park

If a picnic next to Lake Ontario is not enough, then the open expanse that is the Scarborough Bluffs Park should suffice. Either ample picnic opportunities may be hard to find anywhere else in Toronto. The park is a 15KM stretch of land running across the lake.

Dufferin Grove

If your idea of a picnic is something romantic during the late hours of the day, then Dufferin Grove is the place to go for a late picnic. It has gazebos and bonfires that give that a unique edge above most parks.

Cherry Beach Park

A picnic can also be on sandy ground, not just a grassy one. The Cherry Beach Park can be an ideal location for a picnic as one is amazed by the waterfront view. The drive-in located nearby can be an excellent distraction if you get bored and need something to spark up the end of the day.

East End Beaches Park

The east end park is a mix of green spaces and sandy shores. It is a stretch of land with several stands and shops to purchase provisions for the picnic.

Withrow Park

A fire pit in a grassy field that has green trees are the hallmark of Withrow Park. Such a setting is perfect for picnics. But, plan to go for the picnic when the farmer’s market is open so that you can stock up on farm fresh produce.