Toronto’s Promising New Restaurant Openings That Could Define The Culinary Scene

View Of A New Restaurant

Toronto is a bustling place that is always teeming with visitors. They are almost hypnotized by its scintillating beauty and other features, including the great culinary scene here. In fact, the multicultural society provides a dazzling array of options to the people when it comes to choosing the type of food they want to eat. There are restaurants that serve authentic and entrancing dishes of various cuisines. And, the best part is that there is no dearth of such quality restaurants in Toronto. And, even promising thing is that the place always witness opening of new restaurants regularly. So, here is a list of promising new restaurants opening in Toronto which are capable of defining the culinary scene of Toronto.

Alo Restaurant

Alo Restaurant has come up with the efforts of the Chef Patrick Kriss, who is highly experienced and creative. People are greeted with five courses and diners could always make a choice from two totally different options. The dishes are impeccably prepared with imaginative use of fresh seasonal ingredients.

A3 Napoli

A3 Napoli is probably the best spot in Toronto that has carved a niche for itself when it comes to serving fried dishes to the people. Among the various fried items it serves are meatballs, arancini, and seasonal veggies, to name a few.

Swan By Rose And Sons

Anthony Rose is expanding his empire rapidly, and is gaining popularity for sure, as he has now taken over the famed Toronto restaurant ‘Swan’. He now plans to introduce California-inspired twist to the dishes, thanks to Rose’s experience of living in California. He has made it a point to use fresh and high-quality ingredients in order to produce simple yet highly elevating dishes.

Old School

Old School is a conspicuous spot in Dundas West that serves a perfect blend of classic BBQ dishes and comfort foods like mac and cheese, fried chicken, and plethora of indulgent brunch dishes. Moreover, there are some fulfilling milkshakes as well on the menu.

Kasa Moto

Kasa Moto is an upscale restaurant in Yorkville that has gained perfection in serving top-class sushi. It is owned by none other than the owners of the restaurants Little Fin, The Chase, and Colette. The place is so huge that it can accommodate around 400 people, besides accommodating 170 people on the patio. So, one could imagine the thrill of witnessing such a huge crowd talking noisily while munching their favourite Japanese dishes. The dishes are colourful and delicately plated, and the popular items include robata, sushi, and noodle dishes, to name but a few.

Bobbie’s Sue’s Mac + Cheese

The owners of Hawker Bar and Poutini have done an excellent job by foraying into the territory of mac and cheese. The dishes here are done to perfection, and exhibit the creativity and dexterity of the chefs. For instance, Cavatappi is immersed in house béchamel and is then topped with yummy cheeses and other tempting toppings. One could either go for the classic mac or try the new buffalo blue mac, pulled pork version, and delectable carbonara mac; all of which are served along with cheese and noodles that are topped with Grana Padano, pancetta, and egg yolk.

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