Toronto’s Top Class Restaurants Serving Amazingly Appetizing Food

Picture Of Appetizing Food

Toronto is a great tourist destination that is full of activity. People from all over the world come here to enjoy its flawless beauty. The dining scene of Toronto is superb as well since one gets a chance to experience the amazing culinary delights from all over the world here. All this is attributed to the amazing mix of cultures that could be seen in Toronto. However, amidst this large number of restaurants there are some that simply stand out from the crowd, purely on the basis of top quality food that they serve. So, some of these top class restaurants that serve compellingly appetizing and flawlessly prepared food are included here.

The Senator Restaurant

The Senator Restaurant, formerly known as ‘Busy Bee Diner’, enjoys the distinction of being Toronto’s oldest restaurant, having dominated the culinary scene of Toronto for more than eight decades now. Since its inception in 1929, the restaurant has been serving fresh and perfectly done dishes to the people of Toronto, and huge rush of people trying to get into the restaurant is a stark testimony to the meticulous effort that goes behind the preparation of the dishes and ingredients here, right from breads to stocks, and even sauces.

The Lakeview

For sure, there is no foodie in Toronto who wouldn’t know about this 84 year old restaurant that has been standing tall to the expectations of the people of Toronto, and overpowering them with its compelling dishes, ever since its inception. The best part is that the restaurant is never close! Well, it does sound incredulous but this tradition has been painstakingly maintained by the restaurant owners as they ensure that they provide the avid breakfast eaters some of the best breakfast classics, and at the same time, they also want to make sure that the late-night revellers too savour the amazingly done poutine.

Grand Electric

There was a time in Toronto when everyone got crazy about the Mexican ‘tacos’; however, there was one spot in Toronto that provided amazingly authentic taste of tacos and completely mesmerized the people of Toronto. So much so that they were ready to wait for a couple of hours to get their turn to relish the taste of these tacos. The restaurant still enjoys the roaring popularity, and sticks to its no-reservation policy.

The Black Hoof

The Black Hoof made a humble start by experimenting with the culinary dishes; however, the rock-solid determination of the owners to provide novel and innovative dishes to the people of Toronto, ensured that ‘The Black Hoof’ was to become the landmark of not only Dundas but of Toronto as well. It got the attention of the people to the dishes that they had literally forgotten, and provided them with a really different and intriguing taste of a dazzling array of dishes, including horse tartare, pigs ear, to name a few.


Terroni has long been serving the people of Toronto with lip-smacking pizzas, and dominated the culinary scene way ahead of other pizza joints; or one could also say that Terroni was enjoying a roaring popularity when other pizza spots were still in their infancy. Its fist outpost was opened in 1992 in Queen West, and since then, there has been no looking behind for the owners of Terroni, as they continue to entrance the visitors with the blissful taste of these crunchy and scrumptious pizzas.

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