Unravelling Topmost Gardens And Parks In Toronto

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Toronto has always remained an ideal location for nature lovers since there is a dazzling array of gardens and parks in Toronto that extend a chance to experience visitors to experience ultimate peacefulness and natural beauty. The tranquillity of these places always leaves the visitors speechless as they gape in astonishment at the awe-inspiring beauty of these places. Moreover, there are plenty of activities that one could do including kayaking, bicycling, picnicking, etc. So, here are some of the topmost gardens and parks in Toronto that are a must to visit for tourists.

High Park

High Park is the largest park in downtown Toronto. It is spread in 400 acres and is a perfect spot for the kids to visit, as they are invariably attracted by the natural beauty of the environment here. Moreover, another feature that makes the spot increasingly popular among the people is its easy accessibility. Besides, there is a small zoo as well inside the park.

Edwards Gardens

Edwards Gardens has served as a venue for a number of celebrations that are held throughout the year. Moreover, the gardens also contain Botanical Gardens which have seventeen themed gardens, in turn. Moreover, there are countless scenic locations; so, it is an ideal spot for photographers. A number of newly-wed couples visit the spot in order to get photographed in the pristine surroundings of this river-side spot.

Rouge Park

Rouge Park is another great spot located along the tranquil Rouge River. There are a number of hiking trails here that are suitable for beginners as well as the experts. The place is popular for its various characteristic features including a swimming beach, picturesque marshlands, and a beautiful estuary. Moreover, the place has got the distinction of having the only camping area in Toronto, called the ‘Glen Rouge Campground.’

The Don Valley Brickworks Park

The great thing about this park is that it used to be a brick factory in the late 19th century. The park was established after the strenuous efforts from the authorities who wanted to transform it into a great natural spot. The park has a number of ponds, a café, a community centre, a bike renting place, and the unmistakable farmer’s market.

Bluffers Park And Scarborough Park

Bluffers Park along with Scarborough Park are located towards the east of Toronto. Scarborough Bluffs is particularly liked by tourists, as it rises to a maximum height of about 65 metres, and offers impressive views of the surroundings. And, Bluffers Park has a restaurant, a marina, and a number of houseboats.

Rosetta McClain Gardens

These gardens are famous for offering stunning views of Lake Ontario.  Besides, there are plenty of benches here as well. The place is characterized by its tranquil surroundings.

Allen Gardens

Allen Gardens enjoys a great popularity among the locals, and its location has a lot of role to play in this. The gardens are located right in the downtown. Moreover, it is also famous for ‘Palm House,’ which is a greenhouse belonging to the Victorian Era. Tourists are invariably baffled to discover a great variety of tropical plants here including palms, orchids, bromeliads, bamboo trees, and bananas, to name a few.

Toronto’s Finest Patios That Provide Enthralling Ambience To The Visitors

Casa Loma Patio In Toronto

Toronto is a lively place that attracts thousands of visitors each year. People are attracted towards the natural beauty of the place along with the soothing weather of the area. Summers are welcomed by the tourists and the locals as they get a chance to drench themselves completely in the sun. There are some finest patios in Toronto that provide enthralling and ambience to the people where they can watch the fun and frolics all around them while basking in the sun and enjoying some beautiful drinks and food. Here is a list of some luxurious patios in Toronto that offer amazing experience to the people.

Against The Grain

The stylish Harbourfront restaurant alongside the Sugar Beach provides the tourists with the thrill of witnessing the unequalled views of Toronto Island and Lake Ontario. It has the capacity of 170 people and a number of fire pits, besides the availability of lounge seating. The patio offers the amazing experience of witnessing the waterfront.

Amsterdam Brewhouse

Amsterdam Brewhouse offers what could be called an authentic Canadian experience as one twists in the Muskoka chair in the gusty patio overlooking the water, and drinking the brew of their choice that they choose from a dazzling assortment of seasonal, cask, or draft brews. The menu is definitely beer-infused and the place offers the ultimate delight to the craft beer fans.

The Madison

It is a club that expands to six floors and has five patios which enhance the beauty of the place. Apart from this, there is the availability of DJ as well on weekends. Tourists revel in the excitement of the place as they play on the pool tables, or enjoy in the piano bar. A great rush of students from University of Toronto reminds people of their university days when they used to have unrestrained fun with their mates.

Mill Street Brew Pub

The cobblestone patio is at the Mill Street Brewery in Distillery District takes one to the previous times. The quaint architecture of the building equally supports the amazing views provided by the patio. People couldn’t help but enjoy their brews in a relaxed manner.

Duke of Westminster

The patio has the capacity of seating 70 people, and its location among the elevated towers of the CBD makes it a great place for the tourists. They enjoy all sorts of cool cocktails and tall pints that are served in this classic pub.

O’Grady’s On Church

O’Grady’s On Church’s patio is inarguably the best place to be at, especially in the summers when huge crowd flock to the area. The place is lively, and the patio has the capacity of 160 people. Foodies know this place as the best place to be at during the most awaited Pride festival. This famous and renowned Irish club is a well known landmark on Church Street, and the patio offers amazing scenes to witness.

Allen’s Restaurant

The place got recognition for its handmade burgers and live music that never fail to satiate the desires of the visitors. The Irish pub is one of the most sought after locations in summers as its leafy back and spacious patio is full of people who revel in the drinks that they take and amass some unforgettable memories.