Unearthing Five Exhilarating Hikes In Toronto

View Of Man Hiking

Toronto is a great place to visit. This is because there are endless ways of spending the time in a creative manner here. The city is a bustling metropolis that attracts a sea of humanity every year. So, the place has all the elements that are required for a perfect trip. There are museums, nightclubs, restaurants, shopping malls, shopping streets, great hotels, beaches, etc. that completely refresh and entertain the visitors. However, the amazing part about the metropolis is that it has a lot of activities to do for nature lovers. So, one could always take a break from the monotonous routine that they have been leading, and say no to the hectic city life. They can revert to the outdoor activities that offer them unlimited fun and entertainment. So, here are some of the exhilarating hikes in Toronto that one must try with their friends and family members.

Don Valley Trails

The best part about these trails is that there are both long as well as short trails. These trails extend 11 kilometres and have a lot of green spaces. There are the asphalt trails that are suitable for hiking, walking, cycling, as well as jogging. Moreover, there are a lot of paths that one could discover here, and thus regale in the beauty of nature. Tourists are invariably amazed to discover narrow ravines here. So, the availability of plenty of wide-open spaces is a great positive feature of the site.

Bluffer’s Park

Bluffer’s Park spans 15 acres of area. It extends from Eastern Beaches to the East Point Park. People are invariably amazed to get the sweeping views of Lake Ontario from the trails. The park has a number of features that attract the visitors including beaches, trails, recreational facilities, sports facilities, and a dazzling array of gardens and green open spaces.

High Park

High Park enjoys the distinction of being the largest public park in Toronto. So, as a result it has a lot to offer to the visitors including sports facilities, hiking trails, amazing lakefront, diverse vegetation, a zoo, a dog park, convenient parking, greenhouses, children’s playgrounds, and a large number of picnic areas. People are invariably attracted by the asphalt trails that extend seven kilometres and offer a perfect place for relaxing and escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, there is a lot of natural area to explore, which makes the park a true ‘Nature Park.’

Rouge Park

Rouge Park spans 40 square kilometre of area, and has a number of features that make it great. First off, it has a large variety of ecosystems. Then, it has two great National Historic Sites. Further, the trails are rustic and take one through the meadows and forests, thereby providing a completely refreshing experience.

Terra Cotta Conservation Park

Terra Cotta Conservation Park is spread in 485 acres. The park is a paradise for nature lovers since there is a lot to explore here. The park takes one to places that are truly marvellous and appealing. For instance, the trails in ‘Credit Valley Watershed’ offer a chance to witness amazing geographical features, including Niagara Escarpment, and ‘Oak Ridges Moraine,’ to name a few.

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