Unearthing Five Surreal Wonders In The Vicinity Of Toronto

View Of Tews Falls

Toronto is a bustling metropolitan that has a number of places to visit for tourists. It has a great cultural mix that enables tourists a chance to witness a variety of cultures here. However, the best part is that there is no dearth of naturally beautiful spots in Toronto. A visit to Toronto is certainly incomplete without exploring these amazingly astounding wonders in the vicinity of Toronto. These natural wonders are surreal and otherworldly, which is the reason why tourists are spellbound after seeing the beauty of these spots. Here are five top class surreal wonders that make up for a perfect day trip from Toronto.

The Grotto- Bruce Peninsula Park

Visit to Grotto in Bruce Peninsula Park is going to leave one completely transformed. It is among the most attractive and moving places to visit in Canada. It is situated in Bruce Peninsula Park, and visiting the spot can be really taxing. However, sight of interior water being illuminated by the dazzling sunlight is too astonishing to miss. The cave got formed due to the waves in the Georgian Bay. Tourists are advised to visit the spot in the morning itself in order to avoid great rush of people later.

Cheltenham Badlands

Some restrictions have been placed to enter Cheltenham Badlands now in order to protect this natural wonder for the future generations. However, driving in the vicinity of bedlands is equally appealing and intriguing. The whole atmosphere has that amazing natural charm that is hard to resist.

Tews Falls

Tews Falls is located in the Hamilton area. There are countless waterfalls in this area, but Tews Falls stands out from the rest. It has a great height, and in fact, it is merely 10 metres short of the legendary Niagara Falls. Tews Falls have a dome like setting that straightaway appeals the visitors. The experience of visiting Tews Falls is completely amazing and spellbinding. One gets transformed completely upon visiting the spot. Further, there is a chance to explore other equally enchanting falls here, including Webster Falls.

Bon Echo Provincial Park

Bon Echo Provincial Park is another great location to explore in Toronto. It is characterized by amazing Mazinaw Pictographs, which are located at an astonishing height of 100 metre in a cliff at this legendary park. Reaching the spot is a treat in itself, and yet tourists get a chance to explore the pictographs that could be seen everywhere across the face of the rocks. In fact, the place has the largest collection of such pictographs here. Tourists invariably like the pictograph that is dedicated to the great American writer Walt Whitman. This pictograph was carved dexterously into this rock around 100 years back.

Bonnechere Caves

There is a dazzling array of caves in Ontario; however, there are some caves that stand out from the rest. Bonnechere Caves is one such cave that has the great aesthetic appeal. The place is loved by photographers who love to capture the essence of natural beauty of this spot. The rock walls are layered, which are so shaped because of the erosion.

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