Unearthing Great Parks For Picnicking In Toronto

Picture Of Picnic

When it comes to the tourist spots in Toronto, then the place certainly stands out from other cities in the world, as it has a scintillating number of magnificent tourist spots to explore. Furthermore, the weather of the place always cheers the tourists. People from all over the world have made Toronto their home, and this fact provides a great cultural mix to the place. So, tourists have unimaginable number of options whenever they enter Toronto. And, the same is the case with parks here. The parks here are well-maintained and offer great respite to the tourists. They are invariably amazed to see the lush green spaces here. Besides, there are some parks that are exceptionally great and offer perfect place for picnicking. Some of these great sites are listed here.

Trinity Bellwoods

The best part about Trinity Bellwoods is its prime location. For the people of Toronto it is simply the perfect place to visit on bright sunny days. One could get their baskets of food ready and head towards this great rejuvenating location along with their friend and family members.

High Park

High Park is another favourite spot because of the shaded trails and grassy areas that are perfect to spend a leisurely day. One could always explore the picnic sites that are designated by the authorities, and there are 18 such designated sites. So, people are certainly spoilt for choice.

Ward’s Island

Ward’s Island is accessible by taking the ferry, and this experience itself is quite exciting for the children. Further, one could bask in the sun after reaching the island, and get that necessary break from their monotonous routine that they have been leading.

Ashbridges Bay

Ashbridges Bay always mesmerizes the visitors with its shady areas and pristine tables. It is a great lakeside spot that is suitable for relaxing, swimming, and eating. Couples love to spend some of the precious moments of their life here.

Scarborough Bluffs Park

There are plenty of parks in Scarborough Bluffs Park, as it spans 15 kilometres of area. So, there are countless picnic opportunities for people. And, the most important part is the presence of lookout points here, which offer breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Dufferin Grove

The best part about this spot is its proximity to the subway, which makes it convenient for the visitors to explore this spot. Besides, there are other features like bonfires and gazebos that attract a sea of humanity here. It is an ideal spot for picnicking.

Cherry Beach Park

Cherry Beach Park is a sandy beach that is easily accessible via bus. The place offers stunning waterfront view, and is a hit among the families. One could always bring their food and enjoy doing various activities along the beach with their family members.

Bluffer’s Park

Bluffer’s Park has always been known to offer topmost surreal scenery to the people. It is a remote park which is situated at the Bluff’s base. The experience of exploring the sandy beaches and swimming here is surreal too. Barbecue is also allowed, and this feature definitely attracts a great number of visitors to the spot.

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