OROGOLD Store Review, Toronto, CA

You can find Orogold stores in two places around Toronto, the Hotfield Renfrew Center located in Bloor Street and in Bramalea Mall, located in 25 Peel Center Dr. The outlet in Bramble Mall is located amongst a vast collection of designer boutiques, international brands, and skin care brands. With opulent interiors and an ultra luxurious decor, OROGOLD Toronto Store offers the best of the skin care and accessories. The professionals of skin experts will decide on which products to choose and buy. Also, free facial and free product samples are available for the interested candidates.

OROGOLD Cosmetics prides itself in offering its customers with the best and most luxurious skin care products using the very best skin care ingredients. But, the OROGOLD service doesn’t end with its products. We also ensure that each of our stores also offer our customers with a similar luxury experience. The OROGOLD Toronto Store is no different. From free skin care consultations to free facials, we make sure that our customers have access to the very skin care services. This page has been dedicated to hearing about what our customers have to say about our Toronto Store and our products in general. We would love to hear about your experiences about the OROGOLD store and are always open to suggestions on how we can make our services better.

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When travelling, what are the major attractions that you look for? While some look for serenity and tranquil holiday places, others look for fun and frolic adventure sports. And for those who look for both of these, Toronto is the best place to visit. Whether it’s your first time or you have been to the place several times before, Toronto will never fail to amaze you and make you fall in love of the place. It offers probably everything that one can ask for. What makes the visit very interesting yet simple is the well knitted public transport system of the city. Since it is ranked as one of the best international cities, Toronto tries its best to hold on its reputation with the plethora of cosmopolitan delights. Ranging from shimmering nightlife to exotic natural wonders, Toronto is a must visit place for those who love to travel. The traditional culinary delights of the place fantastic and you must try the cuisines to know more about the place. And among all these pleasure, what will make your stay even more delightful is the world class scope of shopping.

The city which has been in the news for one reason or the other, Toronto is one of the most posh and sophisticated cities of the world. From distinct culinary delights to rich cultural heritage, Toronto is indeed one of the top most international cities. It has a wide range of amazing art collection as well as a variety of sporting activities, giving you the choice to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. World class public transportation system is one reason which has given this city the extra boost to make it one of the best cities in the world. With the Swiss-like efficiency in offering world class attractions and clean ambiance, Toronto is often tagged as “NYC run by the Swiss”. What makes the place warmer is the hospitality of the local people who are extremely helpful and cooperative. However, if you are travelling for the first time, be prepared to experience the drastic change in the temperature change between summer and winter months. Winter is all that not enjoyable but spring is indeed one of the best seasons to roam about. Toronto is the land of colorful festivals.

While you look forward for the major tourism attractions, Toronto is also a paradise for the shopaholics. The largest underground shopping network in the world, PATH, is a network of pedestrian tunnels. It is a unique concept which stretches across for more than 29 kms, covering an area of about 4 million sq. ft. of retail space. It also connects the various building in the Downtown area to each other.

If you are looking for a luxury skin care treatment in Toronto, then two of our OROGOLD stores in Toronto would like to give you a hearty welcome. OROGOLD is among the most reputed stores who offer a range of quality skin care products that are beyond compare. The products have been formulated after a lot of hard work and research to give customers something reliable which they can trust blindly.

The creams, serums, boosters, masks, moisturizers and different other products at OROGOLD have been tested for you to get appropriate results. The products are dependable, and it offers a smooth and perfect look to the skin that will allow you to make a flawless skin care routine for your skin.

As soon as you enter the OROGOLD store in Toronto you will be welcomed by the staff graciously. They will be happy to serve you by offering the best skin care services that you are looking for. You would love to take the skin treatment in the luxurious and relaxing interior. The beauty experts will address the skin issues professionally. Our skin care experts have the right knowledge and experience to give you a wonderful skin care treatment. They will not leave any stone unturned to make the atmosphere pleasant for you.

You will also find the rich collection of OROGOLD products kept on the display for customers to buy it. You will be advised about the skin care treatments through our specialists that what will suit you the best depending on the skin concerns your address. All of our skin care products nurture the skin well and make sure your skin gets proper care.

At our Toronto OROGOLD store, we don’t leave it to chance to make you feel beautiful.

Aging signs feels like an enemy to your skin as they take away the smooth and young look. We at OROGOLD Toronto store offer you wow skin care products that will give you back that lost magnificence swiftly. If you feel you have a sensitive skin and the products won’t suit you, then do not worry. Our skin care experts will test the product on your skin and allow you to make a decent choice.

We make use of latest and advanced skin repair ingredients that will rejuvenate your skin deeply. The skin appearance will be enhanced with the use of these products and you will not like to use anything else on your skin once you start using our products. The OROGOLD beauty products are a proven formula that offers luxurious and wonderful skin care that will satisfy you completely.

Our lavish skin care products are made with 100 percent natural and organic ingredients. The use of gold in these products is simply valuable for your skin. You can also enjoy a deep and natural facial cleanse from our OROGOLD store. It is the best way to say goodbye to all your skin problems and enjoy that glowing look which you desire.

If you feel that the pale dull look of your skin is hindering you to enjoy social gatherings, then our OROGOLD store in Toronto will turn out to be your perfect companion. Our skin experts will work on your skin and also advise you on how to keep your skin radiant all the time. The skin consultation is free and you can always test our products before buying it. We value your skin needs and go that extra mile to understand what your skin desires and how it can be improved. You can also enjoy the deep facial cleanse at our OROGOLD store in relaxing and luxurious environment.

There are amazing benefits of taking a facial cleanse from the OROGOLD store as the store professionals make use of lavishly created skin care products. It removes the dirt and pollutants from the skin and cleanses it deeply. The products help to rejuvenate the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. As soon as you take proper facial from the OROGOLD store, you will notice a beautiful improvement in your skin. It will feel soft and smooth and you won’t resist yourself from buying our quality range of skin care products.

Unique Features of OROGOLD Products
The most important ingredient used in OROGOLD products is gold that a precious metal from centuries. Ever since its discovery, it has been treated as the most important metal, and OROGOLD offers this metal in the most innovative way. As it is natural and pure, it will never be harsh on your skin.

The inspiring line of OROGOLD products at the Toronto store will attract you completely because of its rich features and unlimited benefits. All products are infused with 24K gold that will pamper your skin luxuriously. You would feel the lavish treatment given at OROGOLD is distinct and qualitative that will keep your skin blissful. You can enjoy various skin treatments in private rooms at OROGOLD and find the experience to be worthwhile, interesting and enjoyable.

The OROGOLD store in Toronto invites you to get a superior skin treatment. There are over the counter lotions, creams, masks and different other products that can offer a flawless look to your skin. The products have a nice fragrance and keep your skin soft and smooth. Though everyone’s skin changes with time sometimes the aging effects are noticed at an early stage because of unhealthy or hectic lifestyle. Dryness, wrinkles, and other skin concerns become traumatizing as it spoils your complete look.

Skin Care at the OROGOLD Store
The Toronto store has got a vast range of efficient skin care products that can make your skin look young and beautiful. The problems of the skin can slowly reduce, and you won’t have to worry about your skin anymore. If you have an extra sensitive skin, it needs to be taken care of in a proper way.

At OROGOLD store, the staff has the right knowledge and skills to handle all your skin concerns effectively. Though you may want a natural skin, some natural ingredients may not work appropriately on your skin.

OROGOLD has executed complete research and testing, introducing a complete range of effective skin care products. These skin care products are for different skin types, and the ingredients are used selectively with a touch of gold in it. The use of gold in the products makes them more useful and effective on the skin.

The skin care specialists at the OROGOLD store will help you select from a wide range of skin care products that will suit your skin type precisely. They will understand your skin needs and make sure to offer you something that works miraculously on your skin. As you use the products daily and take some skin treatments in the luxurious OROGOLD store, you see and notice some dramatic improvements in your skin.

OROGOLD is a big brand that has been serving its customers with integrity since 2008. They have found the best ingredients which can address different skin problems in the best way and offer a beautiful and youthful look that you always desired. You can also take the luxurious treatment in the relaxing store interior and use the products on a daily basis to get best results.

OROGOLD toronto store

OROGOLD Review 1
My experience with the orogold store in the Holt Renfew Centre was unique to say the least. Although I have learned to stay away from salespersons in shopping malls from previous experiences, I was enticed by the free sample that this particular saleswoman was offering. Moreover, I had completely forgotten about our anniversary and needed to buy something for the mrs. on my way home (was initially planning on Zara). So when this cute lady approached me to try out the men’s collection, my attention diverted towards their store. And one of the first things that struck me was their fanciful packaging. I thought that I might just give these guys a try and went inside. The lady spoke to me about skin care and tried selling me the entire line of men’s skin care products. But, I put my foot down and told her that i’m only looking for something for the mrs. (i am used to aggressive marketing practices as im working in the field of sales and marketing myself). Anyways, she immediately realized her mistake and changed her tone to accommodate my requirements. She asked about exactly what i was wanting to buy and showed me different products that the skin care line had to offer. OROGOLD Store in Toronto I bought a cleanser and some vitamin C moisturizer for the wifey hoping that she would use these things. Im a dud when it comes to skin care products and skin care ingredients. Anyways, the sales lady seemed to be pretty confident about her liking the product. So i asked her to bill me for those two products and she offered me a free mini massage using an OROGOLD  product for my face. I was stunned at what i had just heard. A free mini facial? Of course i said yes, and the next 5 minutes were complete bliss. I almost forgot about the fact that i was already late. Anyways, i took my bag (looked pretty fancy and all that) and headed home and gave it as a gift to my wife. The huge smile on her face is something im never ever going to forget in my entire life. Thank you orogold for actually making this possible.

OROGOLD Review 2
From what I understood, Orogold is a unique skin care brand that creates products containing pure gold along with other active and potent ingredients which are extremely beneficial for the skin. It allows people to enjoy some of the best anti-aging treatments and solutions by using different kinds of vitamins, minerals and natural plant extracts as ingredients. Orogold cosmetics and stores were launched in the U.S. in 2008 and are now present in more than 20 countries around the globe.

With more than 100 orogold products and 15 beautiful looking collections to choose from, my mind started turning around as I had never seen so many skin care products together! However, the saleslady informed me that these products could cater to different kinds of skin issues and problems and also help people with specific skin types.

After much discussion and analysis on my wife’s skin tone, the saleslady recommended that I purchase the Vitamin C Collection which works very well as part of the daily skincare routine and helps remove all types of impurities and dirt. It also hydrates the skin from within and leaves a nice citrus smell onthe body. When i imagined my wife using these products, I was thinking about the smile that would come on her face.

However, I was a little apprehensive about buying the entire collection as spending almost $500 dollars on skin care products was a little difficult to digest. I asked the saleslady about the benefits of each of the products and asked her to explain the collection in details so I could choose the product I thought would be best for her.

She explained that the Vitamin C Facial Cleanser was my best bet as it contained the signature ingredient Gold and Vitamin C, both of which have a foaming action on the face and remove dirt, makeup and excess oil from it making it refreshed and energized. Basically, this was all that my wife would need to get a clean and healthy face every morning. The other product that she lay down in front of me was a Vitamin C moisturizer that helps moisturize the skin from deep within and provides it with its lost raidance and glow.

When I was thinking about making the purchase, the price tags on the products really made me wonder if I was making the right decision or not. I could look at other options for my wifey, get her a nice present and still end up saving some money for myself! However, I finally decided that it is better to pay more and buy something worthwhile than waste less amount of money and get something futile.

OROGOLD Review 3
I am a kind of person who loves indulging in window shopping and more than often I end up buying nothing but browsing through all the stores in the mall I visit. The other day, I had gone to Bramalea Mall and while browsing through stuff, I came across the Orogold store which was entirely done up in gold and white and looked beautiful. It was unlike other skin care stores which simply lure you inside by using various marketing strategies as it had a soothing and inviting ambiance that makes you want to go inside on your own.

On entering the store, I was welcomed by a smart-looking salesgirl who asked me to be seated in a luxurious chair while she offered me some Orogold products to try on as free samples. I really liked this moisturizer that she made me try which instantaneously softened my skin.

When I started explaining to the salesgirl that I wasn’t really interested in buying anything but was just browsing through, her attitude towards me didn’t change and she continued talking to me and discussing Orogold range of products with me. I learnt that this is a unique skin care brand that uses 24K Gold in all its products along with many more natural, active and potential ingredients which together make the skin look healthy and young and also deal various kinds of skin issues and problems effectively.

This entire discussion made me so influenced and impressed by Orogold that I definitely wanted to give the products a try. But to be very honest, the price tags that these products came with made me think twice whether I should purchase the products or not! After all, they were quite expensive and would add big numbers to my credit card statement in the coming month.

Seeing a confused me, the salesgirl offered to me give me a free facial experience which would reveal the actual feel and benefits of the products on my skin. I was a little blunt when I told her that I might not buy the products even after the experience she was about to offer. To my surprise she still insisted on giving me the experience and performed it just as she had promised.

It is really difficult for me to put in words what I felt during that experience. Not only did all my tiredness and restlessness get washed away during the experience, my mind was clearly made that I had to purchase the products I had chosen without a doubt!

Thank you Orogold for a wonderful experience and I just can’t wait to come back to your store for refills.

OROGOLD Review 4
I used to visit the Holt Renfew Centre regularly enough but had never entered the Orogold Store here. It was only after hearing about the exclusive range of Orogold products for men I got curious enough to visit any Orogold store in Toronto. Last week it was Sunday and so I thought of going for some shopping at Holt Renfew as all the leading apparel stores were situated there. I was browsing through shops at the Concourse level and came across the Orogold store. Inquisitive to learn in detail about all the men’s products from Orogold, I went inside the store.

A store attendant immediately came towards me and greeted me warmly. The store was a fabulous one, decorated all over with a profusion of gold, white and black colours, which made the interior quite an inviting one. I asked the store attendant about what would be the product that would suit my skin as a first time user and also will solve my skin problems. He explained me in detail about the unique range of Orogold products for men, which comprised of the 24K Men’s Pre-Shave Facial Serum, 24K Men’s Aftershave Balm and 24K Men’s Hydrating Moisturizer. He also explained me the importance of gold in skincare. The Pre-Shave Facial Serum is meant for the softening of skin before a shave and also for diminishing the wrinkles and fine lines present on the skin by moisturizing it to the required degree. He suggested me to try a small demo application of this product and feel the difference – of course it was a free trial, which delighted me a lot and I readily agreed upon this offer. Really it was a very satisfying experience to try this 24K Orogold product. After getting a positive feedback from my end, the store attendant suggested me to use the Pre-Shave Facial Serum along with the 24K Men’s Aftershave Balm. I was so very amazed with the fascinating results after the application of the Pre-Shave Facial Serum that I was left with no option but to agree with him. By that time I got confident enough that the aftershave from Orogold will do even greater wonders if I start using it regularly after each shave. Of course it was clear that I can get the refills from any Orogold store. I also wanted to try the hydrating moisturizer but was running out of time. So with the desire of coming back to this Orogold store again, I left the store after buying the pre-shave serum and aftershave balm.

About the OROGOLD Store
The Holt Renfew Centre is one of the premier destinations for the international as well as the domestic shoppers in the city. It won’t be exaggeration is you call it the most celebrated place of the city. Both the Torontonians and the outside tourists love the feel of the luxury shopping experience that the Holt Renfew Centre offers. Name any international brand and you will get it there. to name a few of the most popular brands are American Apparel, Fossil, Mocelle Edan Spa, Starbucks Coffee, Teavana, Fossil, Raindrops, Tim Hortons, Zara and Wind Mobile. So be it for men and women accessories, branded boutiques or luxury skin care products, the Holt Renfew Centre will spoil you with choices.

The OROGOLD Canada Store is located on the Concourse Level of the Holt Renfew Centre. The store is colored with opulent black and gold shades and the interior is decorated with the sophisticated white paints complementing the luxurious look. The OROGOLD Canada aims at providing the best of the comfort and experience to its customers who come to the store. The experts of the skin care are always available to assist you with the best of the skin care tips. They also have options for free facials and one-on-one consultations. Private facial service and magnificent VIP rooms offer the best of the skin care service you might have experienced till date.

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