Unearthing Secret Locations In Toronto That Are A Delight To Visit

Picture Of Humber Bay Arch Bridge

Toronto is a bustling city that catches the attention of people from all over the world. The great multicultural environment here always appeals the visitors. Moreover, the best part about visiting Toronto is that besides the historic landmark sites here there is an equally appealing number of secret locations that are a delight to discover. These places have become obsolete now; however, they have their own magnetic charm that offers soothing respite to the visitors. Here are some of these forgotten yet appealing spots.

The Oculus Pavilion In South Humber Park

The Oculus Pavilion is a great masterpiece depicting modernist architecture that was designed by talented architect Alan Crossley. Although it is a neglected site now, it is a real wonder to discover for tourists as it has marvellous asymmetry. The whole experiencing of visiting the place is magnificent. Luckily, there have been efforts to preserve the site now and Architectural Conservancy Ontario is taking an active interest in it.

Gibraltar Point Beach And Lighthouse At Centre Island

Gibraltar Point Beach is a small and secluded place located at Centre Island. It is among Toronto’s oldest landmarks. The place is not frequently visited as people believe that there is a ghost of the keeper John Paul Radelmuller that is wondering near the lighthouse in search of the body of the keeper. Moreover, the discovery of human skeleton parts here solidified the tale. However, daring tourists could always visit the spot and discover the pristine beauty of the area. Besides, there is the unmistakable Rogue Wave rotating art installation of Michael Davey.

Humber Bay Arch Bridge

Though most of the people are enchanted by CN Tower, which is the most popular landmark in Toronto, this unassuming place offers spectacular views of Toronto. The bridge connects the western part of Humber Bay Park with the eastern part, and is open for only cyclists and pedestrians. It was designed by the innovative artist Montgomery Sisam and his associates. It is characterised by the unmistakable symmetrical design and dual white arches.

David Dunlap Observatory

David Dunlap Observatory came up with the efforts of Jessie Dunlap who was bent upon fulfilling the desire of her husband, David Dunlap who was always motivated to explore the mysteries of the sky. Jessie Dunlap financed the observatory, whose possession was given to Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in 2009, as it acquired the observatory then. The observatory draws a great number of inquisitive visitors and has the astronomical telescope which is the second largest in the world.

Aga Khan Park And Museum

Aga Khan Park and Museum is located amidst beautiful natural setting in Wynford. There are several reasons why tourists don’t frequently visit the spot, like lack of parking space and large distance of the park from the Downtown. The park spans 6.8 hectare and is a great spot to visit.

Hillside Church

Hillside Church has always been a mysterious place. People have talked about hearing screams and strange noises upon visiting the church. However, besides this eeriness associated with the place, there is a great magnetic charm about this Methodist Church which is a treat to discover.