Unearthing Secret Locations In Toronto That Are A Delight To Visit

Picture Of Humber Bay Arch Bridge

Toronto is a bustling city that catches the attention of people from all over the world. The great multicultural environment here always appeals the visitors. Moreover, the best part about visiting Toronto is that besides the historic landmark sites here there is an equally appealing number of secret locations that are a delight to discover. These places have become obsolete now; however, they have their own magnetic charm that offers soothing respite to the visitors. Here are some of these forgotten yet appealing spots.

The Oculus Pavilion In South Humber Park

The Oculus Pavilion is a great masterpiece depicting modernist architecture that was designed by talented architect Alan Crossley. Although it is a neglected site now, it is a real wonder to discover for tourists as it has marvellous asymmetry. The whole experiencing of visiting the place is magnificent. Luckily, there have been efforts to preserve the site now and Architectural Conservancy Ontario is taking an active interest in it.

Gibraltar Point Beach And Lighthouse At Centre Island

Gibraltar Point Beach is a small and secluded place located at Centre Island. It is among Toronto’s oldest landmarks. The place is not frequently visited as people believe that there is a ghost of the keeper John Paul Radelmuller that is wondering near the lighthouse in search of the body of the keeper. Moreover, the discovery of human skeleton parts here solidified the tale. However, daring tourists could always visit the spot and discover the pristine beauty of the area. Besides, there is the unmistakable Rogue Wave rotating art installation of Michael Davey.

Humber Bay Arch Bridge

Though most of the people are enchanted by CN Tower, which is the most popular landmark in Toronto, this unassuming place offers spectacular views of Toronto. The bridge connects the western part of Humber Bay Park with the eastern part, and is open for only cyclists and pedestrians. It was designed by the innovative artist Montgomery Sisam and his associates. It is characterised by the unmistakable symmetrical design and dual white arches.

David Dunlap Observatory

David Dunlap Observatory came up with the efforts of Jessie Dunlap who was bent upon fulfilling the desire of her husband, David Dunlap who was always motivated to explore the mysteries of the sky. Jessie Dunlap financed the observatory, whose possession was given to Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in 2009, as it acquired the observatory then. The observatory draws a great number of inquisitive visitors and has the astronomical telescope which is the second largest in the world.

Aga Khan Park And Museum

Aga Khan Park and Museum is located amidst beautiful natural setting in Wynford. There are several reasons why tourists don’t frequently visit the spot, like lack of parking space and large distance of the park from the Downtown. The park spans 6.8 hectare and is a great spot to visit.

Hillside Church

Hillside Church has always been a mysterious place. People have talked about hearing screams and strange noises upon visiting the church. However, besides this eeriness associated with the place, there is a great magnetic charm about this Methodist Church which is a treat to discover.

Unearthing Serenest Spots In Toronto Offering Stunning Experience To Tourists

View Of Toronto

Toronto is one of the most frequently visited cities in the world, and there are a number of reasons for this. The prominent reason is the availability of a dazzling array of options with tourists to spend their time in the way they want, since the place has something to offer for people of varied interests. Likewise, there is no dearth of serene spots in Toronto that offer a great respite from the hectic and frenzied pace of life that people lead. Visitors could simply get lost in the tranquil atmosphere of the places and rediscover themselves. Such are the overpowering effects of these spots. Some of these serenest spots in Toronto are listed here.

Scarborough Bluff Trails

Bluffer Park attracts a huge number of tourists. The place has some of the best beaches in the city. However, tourists looking to get away from the tourists could always head towards the serene, secluded, and winding trails that offer spectacular views of the lake.

Cherry Beach

Cherry Beach is nearly a secluded spot on weekdays. Very few people come here in order to get the amazing experience of watching the ecstatic kite surfers. The experience of watching the kites everywhere in the sky is strangely soothing.

Green Roof- City Hall

The Green Roof at City Hall is a great spot to visit during the day in order to get away from the hectic schedule during the day. One gets onto the contemplative mode as soon as they visit this spot. There are a number of flowers in the garden offering thoroughly rejuvenating experience.

Henry Moore Sculpture Centre- AGO

Henry Moore Sculpture Centre at AGO is one of the serenest spots in Toronto. The things that attract the tourists are its secluded location, low lighting, Galleria Italia, and the unmistakable pink room that houses the European collections.

E.J. Pratt Library Basement

There are a number of libraries in Toronto that offer great experience to readers; however, the basement of E.J. Pratt Library is one of the most soothing spots in summers. Readers get a chance to see a contemporary garden area as well that has a small waterfall as well.

Crothers’ Woods

Crothers’ Woods spans 52 hectare area and is located in Don Valley. It is a soothing sanctuary that is easily accessible from Loblaws parking located at Redway Road. One could also get an access through Pottery and Bayview Road. This spot has always been a great spot to visit for hikers and bikers. The trails are well-marked, and the park is well-maintained as well. However, despite all these features one could enjoy the serenity of the place as there are not enough visitors during the week days.

Snake Island

Snake Island is one of the serenest spots in Toronto that has to offer great tranquil atmosphere to visitors. Moreover, there is stunning views of skyline that one could get from here. It is a perfect spot for picnicking.

Toronto Music Garden

Toronto Music Garden is a perfect spot to meditate as the environment is soothing. One could simply occupy a bench and go into the contemplative mode. And, the low music being played in the background is a great addition as well.

Unearthing Topmost Shopping Spots In Toronto

Woman Posing Smiling

Toronto has always maintained its reputation of being one of the topmost destinations for tourists in the world (and it makes sense, its considered a very safe city). There are some magnificent features of the city that makes it top class. Tourists love to visit the place again and again as there is a great deal of locations to explore here. The place abounds in natural beauty. Moreover, there are equally appealing manmade attractions as well. And, the same is the case with shopping scene here. There are incredible shopping malls and shops here that cater to the varied demands of upscale couture. Here is a list of some of these spots that tourists should always visit.

The Toronto Eaton Center

The Toronto Eaton Center is a great mall to explore for tourists, as besides a great range of stores here, the atmosphere is completely vibrant. Tourists are all charged up here as they explore this airy and bright shopping mall in the heart of the town. Moreover, it enjoys the distinction of being Canada’s third largest shopping mall. Besides, the mall attracts the largest number of visitors in Canada, when it comes to calculating visitors to malls. So, one could imagine the pulsating vibes emanating from this incredible location. Moreover, the mall is connected with underground businesses and shops; so, it gives access to a great variety of shops on rainy days as well. All these features explain roaring popularity of the place.


Yorkville is a great location that is not only pristine and tranquil but also has a great number of things to explore. There is a sea of humanity visiting the place every year as they are moved by the quaint and attractive Victorian Architecture of the place. There are countless boutiques, shops, restaurants, and art galleries to explore here.


‘Winners’ has earned a niche in selling designer brands. Tourists love to shop here, simply because of the great variety of products that they can explore here. It is located in various places in Toronto.

The Hudson’s Bay Company

Hudson’s Bay Company earns the distinction of being oldest corporation in Canada. Its flagship store is just across the unmistakable Toronto Eaton Center. Tourists love the spot as they can be sure of getting quality products here.


Chinatown is always liked by tourists as they get to shop a great range of products like jewellery, exotic trinkets, and clothing. The place is always teeming with tourists. Moreover, it is really big, and in fact, it is North America’s second biggest Chinatown. So, one gets a chance to get the real essence of Chinese and Vietnamese food and culture here.

Queen Street

Queen Street is always in the list of things to explore for tourists, since the environment of the place is so lively. Besides, it spans in a vast area, and has a great array of shops and restaurants. One could find Toronto’s top-notch cafes, clubs, and shops here.

Kensington Market

Kensington Market offers a great shopping experience to tourists. It has a great variety of furniture shops, and organic produce stores. So, tourists always visit the spot to experience something different at this spot.

Discovering The Pulsating Vibes Of Kensington Market In Toronto

View Of Kensington Market

Toronto is among the most beautiful cities in the world. There is a dazzling array of options available with people to spend their time in the best possible manner here. The atmosphere is lively and vibrant, and it is the people from various nationalities that add more colour to the place. And, similarly, there is the Kensington Market in Toronto that never fails to mesmerize the people. The whole aura is so hypnotizing here, that people fall in love with the place as soon as they visit it. Tourists and locals are compelled to visit the place repeatedly since the vibe of the place is so enchanting and overpowering. It is liked by people of all ages. Here are some of the excellent features of Kensington Market which make it a memorable place.

Colourful Spot

The best part about Kensington Market is that it is a colourful spot. There are a number of fruit markets here that sell a great variety of colourful fruits to people, and the visual scene is a treat to watch. Then, one could see the vintage signage as well on storefronts, which further add colour to the atmosphere.

Exciting Music And Enthusiastic People

The best part about Kensington Market is that there is a great quality melodious music played in every corner of the market. The music is soothing to the ears, and elevates the mood of the people. Moreover, another great aspect of visiting Kensington Market is that one gets a chance to meet enthusiastic people here. They could be seen wearing vintage local outfits. Moreover, they prefer to walk or ride their bicycles. There are both people from old generation as well as the youthful hipsters here. So, this great combination of things and people here make the atmosphere vibrant and youthful. So, the colourful places and streets and a great variety of people make the place an exciting place to visit.

Great Variety Of Options

Another great benefit of visiting the Kensington Market is that one gets a chance to shop from a dazzling array of things here. First off, there is a great variety of restaurants and cafes here that serve mouth-watering food. So, people could always choose the best quality food. And, the best part is that these restaurants have patios that offer tourists and locals a chance to witness amazing atmosphere around them while sipping their favourite drinks and eating their favourite food.

Similarly, there are a number of stores here serving a great variety of items. Some of the most popular stores include lifestyle shop, Good Egg, and Model Citizen, to name a few. Model Citizen has a great collection of clothes and jewellery made by eminent artists. Then, there is the Flashback where one could find a great range of leather trench. Apart from this, there is something for the kids as well since there are shops like Kid Icarus, and other stationery shops here. Women too love this spot since there are a number of shops where they could go for shopping, including their favourite shop Anice, which specializes in providing excellent jewellery to people.

Toronto’s Promising New Restaurant Openings That Could Define The Culinary Scene

View Of A New Restaurant

Toronto is a bustling place that is always teeming with visitors. They are almost hypnotized by its scintillating beauty and other features, including the great culinary scene here. In fact, the multicultural society provides a dazzling array of options to the people when it comes to choosing the type of food they want to eat. There are restaurants that serve authentic and entrancing dishes of various cuisines. And, the best part is that there is no dearth of such quality restaurants in Toronto. And, even promising thing is that the place always witness opening of new restaurants regularly. So, here is a list of promising new restaurants opening in Toronto which are capable of defining the culinary scene of Toronto.

Alo Restaurant

Alo Restaurant has come up with the efforts of the Chef Patrick Kriss, who is highly experienced and creative. People are greeted with five courses and diners could always make a choice from two totally different options. The dishes are impeccably prepared with imaginative use of fresh seasonal ingredients.

A3 Napoli

A3 Napoli is probably the best spot in Toronto that has carved a niche for itself when it comes to serving fried dishes to the people. Among the various fried items it serves are meatballs, arancini, and seasonal veggies, to name a few.

Swan By Rose And Sons

Anthony Rose is expanding his empire rapidly, and is gaining popularity for sure, as he has now taken over the famed Toronto restaurant ‘Swan’. He now plans to introduce California-inspired twist to the dishes, thanks to Rose’s experience of living in California. He has made it a point to use fresh and high-quality ingredients in order to produce simple yet highly elevating dishes.

Old School

Old School is a conspicuous spot in Dundas West that serves a perfect blend of classic BBQ dishes and comfort foods like mac and cheese, fried chicken, and plethora of indulgent brunch dishes. Moreover, there are some fulfilling milkshakes as well on the menu.

Kasa Moto

Kasa Moto is an upscale restaurant in Yorkville that has gained perfection in serving top-class sushi. It is owned by none other than the owners of the restaurants Little Fin, The Chase, and Colette. The place is so huge that it can accommodate around 400 people, besides accommodating 170 people on the patio. So, one could imagine the thrill of witnessing such a huge crowd talking noisily while munching their favourite Japanese dishes. The dishes are colourful and delicately plated, and the popular items include robata, sushi, and noodle dishes, to name but a few.

Bobbie’s Sue’s Mac + Cheese

The owners of Hawker Bar and Poutini have done an excellent job by foraying into the territory of mac and cheese. The dishes here are done to perfection, and exhibit the creativity and dexterity of the chefs. For instance, Cavatappi is immersed in house béchamel and is then topped with yummy cheeses and other tempting toppings. One could either go for the classic mac or try the new buffalo blue mac, pulled pork version, and delectable carbonara mac; all of which are served along with cheese and noodles that are topped with Grana Padano, pancetta, and egg yolk.

Toronto’s Top Class Restaurants Serving Amazingly Appetizing Food

Picture Of Appetizing Food

Toronto is a great tourist destination that is full of activity. People from all over the world come here to enjoy its flawless beauty. The dining scene of Toronto is superb as well since one gets a chance to experience the amazing culinary delights from all over the world here. All this is attributed to the amazing mix of cultures that could be seen in Toronto. However, amidst this large number of restaurants there are some that simply stand out from the crowd, purely on the basis of top quality food that they serve. So, some of these top class restaurants that serve compellingly appetizing and flawlessly prepared food are included here.

The Senator Restaurant

The Senator Restaurant, formerly known as ‘Busy Bee Diner’, enjoys the distinction of being Toronto’s oldest restaurant, having dominated the culinary scene of Toronto for more than eight decades now. Since its inception in 1929, the restaurant has been serving fresh and perfectly done dishes to the people of Toronto, and huge rush of people trying to get into the restaurant is a stark testimony to the meticulous effort that goes behind the preparation of the dishes and ingredients here, right from breads to stocks, and even sauces.

The Lakeview

For sure, there is no foodie in Toronto who wouldn’t know about this 84 year old restaurant that has been standing tall to the expectations of the people of Toronto, and overpowering them with its compelling dishes, ever since its inception. The best part is that the restaurant is never close! Well, it does sound incredulous but this tradition has been painstakingly maintained by the restaurant owners as they ensure that they provide the avid breakfast eaters some of the best breakfast classics, and at the same time, they also want to make sure that the late-night revellers too savour the amazingly done poutine.

Grand Electric

There was a time in Toronto when everyone got crazy about the Mexican ‘tacos’; however, there was one spot in Toronto that provided amazingly authentic taste of tacos and completely mesmerized the people of Toronto. So much so that they were ready to wait for a couple of hours to get their turn to relish the taste of these tacos. The restaurant still enjoys the roaring popularity, and sticks to its no-reservation policy.

The Black Hoof

The Black Hoof made a humble start by experimenting with the culinary dishes; however, the rock-solid determination of the owners to provide novel and innovative dishes to the people of Toronto, ensured that ‘The Black Hoof’ was to become the landmark of not only Dundas but of Toronto as well. It got the attention of the people to the dishes that they had literally forgotten, and provided them with a really different and intriguing taste of a dazzling array of dishes, including horse tartare, pigs ear, to name a few.


Terroni has long been serving the people of Toronto with lip-smacking pizzas, and dominated the culinary scene way ahead of other pizza joints; or one could also say that Terroni was enjoying a roaring popularity when other pizza spots were still in their infancy. Its fist outpost was opened in 1992 in Queen West, and since then, there has been no looking behind for the owners of Terroni, as they continue to entrance the visitors with the blissful taste of these crunchy and scrumptious pizzas.

Top Class Restaurants In Toronto Offering Sumptuous Breakfast

Picture Of Breakfast

Toronto is a world class city that has no dearth of beautiful places. The best part is that the hospitality industry equally complements the natural beauty of the place as there is a dazzling array of restaurants serving delicious and mouth-watering food. There are certain places though which have carved a niche for themselves when it comes to providing unsurpassed dining experience. And, the same is the case with restaurants serving breakfast, as there are some spots in Toronto which far exceed others in providing sumptuous breakfast to the diners. Here is a list of such restaurants.

Easy Restaurant

Easy Restaurant is situated at two locations Little Italy and Roncevalles, and both these locations witness a huge rush of diners. The visitors are spoilt for choice as there is a wide range of menu options. The most revered dish of the restaurant is the ‘Breakfast Burrito’ that contains scrambled eggs that are done to perfection, along with refried black beans, Monterey Jack, chipotle salsa, caramelized onions, and coriander. Tourists completely relish in this Tex-Mex culinary delight.

Gayley’s Cafe

Gayeley’s Cafe is a family run spot that has been serving the residents for over a decade now. The pick of the lot is Eggs Florentine that is served along with salad or home fries.

Figs Breakfast And Lunch

People are instantly attracted to this beautiful spot that serves all sorts of breakfast bases. Moreover, low-key vibe, cheerful decor, friendly and prompt service are some of the other features of the restaurant that appeal the diners. The most popular breakfast item is California Eggs Benedict that is prepared to perfection, and is stuffed with spinach, avocado and tomato, and is served along with crispy and tempting home fries.

Fran’s Restaurant And Bar

There is no foodie in Toronto who wouldn’t know about this place that has been serving the people of Toronto for the past seven decades. The period for which the restaurant has been running clearly exhibits how popular the restaurant is among the locals as well as the tourists. The place has carved a niche for itself when it comes to serving old-fashioned breakfast. So, time-tested combination of eggs, bacon, home fries, sausage, toast, and pancakes is never going to disappoint the visitors.


Bivy is a laid-back place that excels in providing rustic French delights. There are plenty of options in the morning for breakfast, but the most popular among these is the Croque Monsieur that is served along with mixed greens. It is a perfect combination of Swiss cheese, egg bread, Black Forest ham, and béchamel sauce.

Morning Glory Cafe

The best part about Morning Glory Cafe is its endeavour to use seasonal, local, and homemade ingredients. The menu mainly consists of a wide range of breakfast sandwiches, and the one that is most popular is The Agent 99 that consists of flawlessly fried egg, cheddar, ham, and tomato that is served along with aioli and ketchup on a wholly toasted bun.

Aunties And Uncles

This Italian spot has been serving the people of Toronto since 1998. The place is always teeming with diners since they cannot resist the temptation of perfectly done dishes. The best of the lot is the Cinnamon French Toast that is served along with maple and fruit syrup.

Toronto’s Finest Italian Restaurants That Offer Lip-Smacking Food

View Of Pizza And Drinks

Toronto has always been a charming place for the locals as well as the tourists. The place is well-known for its multicultural society. As a result one could find a diverse range of customs, practices, and foods here. So, because of this trend, one is also able to find a true and authentic flavour of Italian dishes in Toronto. Some of the Italian restaurants here that serve lip-smacking food are included here.


Campagnolo is a very old restaurant in Dundas West. It has never failed to meet the expectations of the visitors. Moreover, the dishes may seem to be unassuming but they taste ultra-delicious, and the most popular dish of diners here is Spaghetti All’ Amatriciana that has been favourite ever since it was included in the menu.


Terroni has locations all over Toronto and the food here could move even the most jaded palate. The place specializes in providing dishes prepared from pizza and pasta. There is some waiting period but the wait is worth as one could relish the breathtaking taste of the dishes. The popular dish is the Smendozzata pizza that is topped with mozzarella, tomato, gorgonzola, spicy sausage that is homemade, along with red onions.

Gusto 101

Gusto 101 is always teeming with foodies as they couldn’t resist their temptation of eating classical Southern Italian dishes, especially Mafalde ai Funghi-creamy pasta that is stuffed with porcini, Portobello, and other oyster mushrooms that are served after topping truffle cream sauce over them.

Pizzeria Libretto

Pizzeria Libretto has carved a niche for itself when it comes to providing relishing pizzas. The Neapolitan pies that are thin-crust are completely flawless. Moreover, one could also try Margherita DOP that is a classical pizza. Also, a combination of mozzarella, basil, and tomato never disappoints the diners.

Enoteca Sociale

Enoteca Sociale in Dundas West is the first place that comes in the mind of the people who are thinking about eating lighter pastas. This is because the agnolotti served here is perfectly cooked that is flavoured with fava beans, fresh peas, preserved lemon, goat butter, and mint. Another thing that adds to the quality of the restaurant is its quick, responsive, and courteous customer service.

Pizza E Pazzi

Well, if you are seriously looking to savour the taste of a genuine Neopolitan pizza then look no further than Pizza E Pazzi. The thin-crust blistered pizzas and house-made pastas are too tempting to resist. One could pick up any pizza as all the varieties are a great hit among the foodies.


Carisma is located at St. Lawrence and offers amazing dishes. Among these dishes is the fluffy ricotta gnocchi that is hand-cut and served along with four cheese sauce. One could simply revere the taste of this heavenly dish.


The inconspicuous location of Nodo at Junction is not a hindrance while attracting the visitors here as the place has been consistently serving authentic Italian food to the people of Toronto. Among the heavenly dishes is the Milazzo pizza that is decked with mascarpone, fresh mozz, prosciutto crudo, and cantaloupe. All this makes the pizza creamy and salty, and irresistible.

Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto International Film Festival.

ckchiu / Shutterstock.com

The Toronto International Film Festival is touted to be one of the biggest and brightest film festivals on the earth. A number of well-known celebrities, actors, actresses, directors, editors, etc, grace the event.  The festival plays host to several world premieres, parties, schmoozes, etc. A number celebs and star-struck people attend the event annually. Therefore, if you are a cinema buff, then this event is for you. The added bonus is that you get to experience the amazing city of Toronto.

Things to See and Do

The festival boasts of many things to see and do. First there is the Toronto International Film Festival Light Box which is an exhibition of exquisite memorabilia from the collection of Andy Warhol, a celebrated actor. You can also check out the Toronto City Pass, which offers users the facility to save 40% when they visit monuments like CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma, Ontario Science Center, etc. The Royal Ontario Museum is an exhibition of the objects excavated from the site of the volcanic eruption of Vesuvius. Pompeii, the Casa Loma is one of the top tourist attractions in Toronto. The Ontario Science Center is a tourist attraction for people of all ages. The CN Tower is a civil engineering marvel in Toronto.

Things to Eat and Drink

Toronto offers travellers a choice of different kinds of cuisines ranging from the vegetarian to the kosher variety. You will also see food trucks that vend meals on wheels. Toronto also hosts many beer joints along with fine dining. If you are a vegetarian, you need not fret for Toronto also has meatless eateries. Wine, cheese, and chocolate are considered three of life’s greatest pleasures and Toronto has them in abundance. Apart from all this, this city is also known for its restaurants with a scenic view.

Places to Stay

Toronto offers a traveler number of options to stay in the city. First, there are the budget hotels, then the bed and breakfast joints and finally the luxury hotels. There are special hotel packages for tourists visiting the place. Toronto has a number of staying options for all kinds of people depending on their budget. However, I would always recommend that you stay in a luxury hotel when you visit the place.

Events in the Festival

The festival boasts of theatre and movie shows of plays and movies, which have universal appeal. The event will also feature many exhibitions of artifacts and memorabilia from well-known celebrities. As if this is not enough, it will also have a collection of different cuisines, which will suit people of all colors and hues.