Great Skating Places In Toronto Offering Unlimited Fun To People

Woman Posing Skating

Toronto is a great place that attracts a number of tourists from all four corners of the world. This is because the place has so much to offer to the tourists. And, the same is the case with skating. The place has extremely cold winter and as soon as the snowflakes start falling a number of people come out of the warmth of their house in order to enjoy the great weather. And, one of the best ways of enjoying themselves is to visit unique and compelling outdoor rinks in Toronto. There are all sorts of rinks here that offer unlimited fun to the visitors by offering them either a vibrant and pulsating atmosphere or quiet and serene surroundings. So, people can always choose the skating rink in accordance with their preference. Here are some of the great skating places in Toronto that are a treat to visit.

The Natrel Rink At Harbourfront Center

The Natrel Rink at Harbourfront Center is basically a family oriented rink that offers perfect skating classes for teens, adults, and even kids. Moreover, there is the provision of helmet and skates rentals as well. The place also enjoys the distinction of being the largest manmade outdoor rink in Canada, which is certainly a great accomplishment for the administration here. The atmosphere is really electrifying on Saturday nights when there is a provision for DJ as well.

Ice Trail At The Evergreen Brick Works

Evergreen Brick Works is a great place to visit in order to understand the essence of Toronto. Moreover, the place offers great fun during winter when it dons a sheet of ice. One could simply immerse in the nature by opting for ice skating at Ice Trail here.

Nathan Philips Square At Toronto’s City Hall

Well, this spot is the hot favourite of kids as well as their parents. It is expansive ice surface outside the City Hall. The place is always teeming with tourists as well as the locals. There are a number of benches alongside to rest after one has got exhausted from skating, which allow a person to have a glimpse into the different kinds of people who come here to enjoy skating. Moreover, there is the new Skate Pavilion that has come up now which offers rentals, snacks, change rooms, and hot chocolate. Moreover, one could also opt for going to the roof terrace, since the place offers great viewing experience.

The Skating Oval Located At Don Mills

Well, ‘The Skating Oval’ is perhaps the only surface in Canada that provides the option of outdoor shopping via skating. So, one could always wear their skates and enjoy skating, and in the mean time, people could always visit a number of shops and restaurants offering incredible food. The spot is, understandably, loved by women, since they could never overlook the exciting opportunity of shopping in a novel manner here.

Lake Devo Rink At Ryerson University

Well, Ryerson University is a great spot for students to gain quality education; however, the authorities seem to truly understand that students are always looking for break from their grilling academic routine sometimes, and this is the reason why Lake Devo Rink is always well-maintained.

Discovering The Pulsating Vibes Of Kensington Market In Toronto

View Of Kensington Market

Toronto is among the most beautiful cities in the world. There is a dazzling array of options available with people to spend their time in the best possible manner here. The atmosphere is lively and vibrant, and it is the people from various nationalities that add more colour to the place. And, similarly, there is the Kensington Market in Toronto that never fails to mesmerize the people. The whole aura is so hypnotizing here, that people fall in love with the place as soon as they visit it. Tourists and locals are compelled to visit the place repeatedly since the vibe of the place is so enchanting and overpowering. It is liked by people of all ages. Here are some of the excellent features of Kensington Market which make it a memorable place.

Colourful Spot

The best part about Kensington Market is that it is a colourful spot. There are a number of fruit markets here that sell a great variety of colourful fruits to people, and the visual scene is a treat to watch. Then, one could see the vintage signage as well on storefronts, which further add colour to the atmosphere.

Exciting Music And Enthusiastic People

The best part about Kensington Market is that there is a great quality melodious music played in every corner of the market. The music is soothing to the ears, and elevates the mood of the people. Moreover, another great aspect of visiting Kensington Market is that one gets a chance to meet enthusiastic people here. They could be seen wearing vintage local outfits. Moreover, they prefer to walk or ride their bicycles. There are both people from old generation as well as the youthful hipsters here. So, this great combination of things and people here make the atmosphere vibrant and youthful. So, the colourful places and streets and a great variety of people make the place an exciting place to visit.

Great Variety Of Options

Another great benefit of visiting the Kensington Market is that one gets a chance to shop from a dazzling array of things here. First off, there is a great variety of restaurants and cafes here that serve mouth-watering food. So, people could always choose the best quality food. And, the best part is that these restaurants have patios that offer tourists and locals a chance to witness amazing atmosphere around them while sipping their favourite drinks and eating their favourite food.

Similarly, there are a number of stores here serving a great variety of items. Some of the most popular stores include lifestyle shop, Good Egg, and Model Citizen, to name a few. Model Citizen has a great collection of clothes and jewellery made by eminent artists. Then, there is the Flashback where one could find a great range of leather trench. Apart from this, there is something for the kids as well since there are shops like Kid Icarus, and other stationery shops here. Women too love this spot since there are a number of shops where they could go for shopping, including their favourite shop Anice, which specializes in providing excellent jewellery to people.

Unearthing Marvellous Roadside Artworks In Toronto

Man Spraying Paint

Toronto is a beautiful city that has all sorts of modern facilities for the visitors. The best part is the art scene of the place which never fails to amuse the visitors. There is a dazzling array of scintillating art murals that are all over the buildings in Toronto. The local artists here are not only talented but also innovative and experienced. Even Banksy is among the greatest local street artists in Toronto. Moreover, Kensington Market is the prime example of the established art scene of Toronto. Toronto is among the best cities in the entire world that has such exhilarating street art. The concept of graffiti appeals the visitors since graffiti is a prime embodiment of colourful lives of people. So, here are some of the top class street art in Toronto.

Graffiti Alley

Graffiti Alley is also known as Rush Lane and extends from west of Spadia Avenue towards Portland Street. The one kilometre space is full of scintillating graffiti art. One could find the back alley entrance between Richmond Street and Queen Street. People are always intrigued by the great pieces of art created by gifted local artists here.

Kensington Market

As described above Kensington Market is the embodiment of great art scene of Toronto. There are all sorts of colourful storefronts here that are beautiful decorated with a number of murals, which represent the rich ethnic heritage of Toronto.

The Ossington Laneway

One needs to streetcar from Queen Street in order to reach Ossington Avenue. The back alley extending from Humbert Street to Queen Street has all sorts of marvellous artwork. It depicts the creative genius of the artists in Toronto who have beautifully captured the essence of Toronto in their artworks. The garage doors here are beautifully decorated with amazing variety of artwork, which never fail to amass reverence from the whole community here.

Ocho Hotel

Ocho Hotel is just a few blocks away from the highly-developed Graffiti Alley. There is an unmistakable mouse figure painted by the talented artist Banksy right at the outside brick of this great boutique hotel. So, people could always go inside the hotel as well in order to witness some other equally exhilarating pieces of artwork.

The Keele-Dundas Wall

One needs to take Bloor West Line subway from the downtown in order to reach this spot. People are greeted with great sunshine as they come out of the tunnel when the train reaches the spot between Keele Station and the Dundas West Station. One could see great artwork while sitting in the train. There is a marvellous cornucopia of graffiti towards the south. Moreover, the back of majority of the shops here is painted in street art. This amazing street art never fails to bemuse the visitors.

Letter Boxes Of Canada Post

Canada Post’s letter boxes too represent great artwork. One sees postal codes that are like graffiti. These graffiti postal codes could specially be found on the corner mailboxes located all over the downtown.

So, one could see how the whole city welcomes the visitors with great street art that represents the rich cultural heritage of Toronto.

Five Fascinating Museums In Toronto That Are Must To Visit

Picture Of Royal Ontario Museum

Toronto is a great tourist spot. It has some thrilling sites that offer unlimited fun and excitement. However, people like to explore indoor museums during winter since that keeps them warm and snug. The best part is that there is no dearth of fascinating museums in Toronto as well. Here are some of the intriguing museums in Toronto that are must to visit.

Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum enjoys the distinction of being one of North America’s largest museums. The museum has a number of artefacts depicting the world history as well as local culture. The best part is its strategic location, since it is located in the vicinity of St. George Campus of University of Toronto. The museum shows the perfect combination of nature and humanity, and explores contemporary culture, ancient cultures, evolution, biodiversity, earth and science, and textiles and fashion, to name a few. In fact, the museum has whopping six million objects, and is one of the best places to visit to get insight into archaeological developments. Moreover, there are stunning historical artefacts as well including meteorites, gems, ancient art, and intriguing dinosaur bones. Moreover, there is something for the kids as well here; and moreover, the place is always full of inquisitive people who are greeted with ongoing exhibitions.

Bata Shoe Museum

Bata Shoe Museum is in close proximity to Royal Ontario Museum and displays a dazzling array of shoes. The shoes here reflect the way technological advancements have taken place. Tourists are invariably attracted to shoes that were worn by legends including Madonna, Pierre Trudeau, and Napoleon, to name a few.

Hockey Hall Of Fame

Hockey Hall of Fame museum is located in busy area of Bay Street, right at the center of financial district. The museum enjoys the distinction of having greatest collection of unique and distinctive hockey memorabilia. So, it is solely meant for fans of hockey. There are themed exhibits that are devoted to iconic teams and players, and the achievements they made. Tourists like this museum because there are a number of entertaining games here. Moreover, there are two theatres as well; so, one gets a chance to interact with the artefacts, etc. and learn in an interactive and innovative way.

Art Gallery Of Ontario

Art Gallery of Ontario has whopping 90,000 pieces of artwork, which include paintings, sculptures, installation art, photographs, etc. The best part about this museum is that it represents the true Canadian art, as it has a massive collection of Inuit Art. Moreover, there is scintillating European artwork including work by famed artists Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso. One could also locate fascinating pieces of contemporary art as well.

Fort York

Fort York is the only museum in Canada that contains a wide range of collection depicting the original buildings of Canada that were found in 1812 War, and 1813 battle site. Moreover, the museum is located in the famous Niagara neighbourhood. The historical structures like soldier barracks, officers’ barracks, and blockhouses, etc. never fail to stun the audience, since they are still intact. Moreover, kids love this spot as well since there are a number of educational programs for them here.

Top Class Pools In Toronto That Offer Thoroughly Exciting Experience

View Of Toronto

People are always amazed to see the dazzling array of options to spend their time in Toronto. There are spots that offer ultimate solace and comfort to people. This is the reason why visitors yearn to return in this city. Among other excellent facilities that Toronto has to offer are some top class pools that offer thoroughly thrilling and rejuvenating experience. Here are some of the swimming pools in Toronto that people love to visit again and again.

Alexandra Park Pool

Visitors are stunned to see the electrifying atmosphere at this pool. It is jam-packed on weekends and on hot day. Moreover, what brings sea of humanity here is the prime location of the pool, since it is located in close proximity to unmistakable Kensington Market.

Sunnyside Ryder Pool

Sunnyside Pool situated on Lakeshore Blvd is a well-known spot. The pool is adjacent to park, beach, and boardwalk; so, people flock this place in their leisure time. Moreover, Sunnyside Ryder Pool enjoys the distinction of being Toronto’s largest pool. Besides, being the largest pool it is among Toronto’s best pools as well.

Alex Duff Memorial Pool

People from Christie Pits area love to visit Alex Duff Memorial Pool. The water slides in the pool are decidedly the best in the city. Moreover, the pool has earned the distinction of being most popular and famed pool-hopping spot in Toronto.

High Park Pool

High Park Pool is an unassuming spot in High Park. However, the pool is well-maintained and offers great time to the swimmers. The best part is that it is under constant surveillance, so tourists could be rest assured of their safety, etc. and enjoy their time with their friends and relatives.

Riverdale Park East

People are always mesmerized to witness breathtaking views of the Downtown from Riverdale Park East Pool, which is located towards the eastern side of Don Valley Parkway. The elevated seating there provides a relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, the shades of trees here offer good atmosphere.

Donald D. Summerville Olympic Pools

Donald D. Summerville Olympic Pool located on Woodbine Beach is one of the most popular spots among the people in Toronto. Serious swimmers love this pool since they get to swim in 50m pool. Moreover, there is something for everyone here since there are a couple of pools that are perfectly suitable for diving and leisure. People simply love the idea of lounging on the deck while enjoying sunbathing and people-watching.

Monarch Park Pool

Monarch Park Pool is located in Danforth and has a number of facilities. It has a raised and beautiful seating area, a wading pool, and a large two-storey waterslide. Locals love to come here to relax themselves after hectic day at work.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park in Niagara is a great spot to visit. The atmosphere is tranquil and the surroundings are serene and quiet. People love to revel in their solitude since the place doesn’t attract a huge crowd. Barbed wires protect the pool from prosecutors, and the pool is well maintained as well. So, one could expect to spend some great moments here and completely reinvigorate themselves.

Incredibly Amazing Options Of Spending Quality Time In Toronto

View Of Art Gallery Of Ontario

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Toronto is inarguably one of the beautiful cities in the world. The atmosphere here is simply electrifying as there is a sea of humanity out here witnessing the breathtaking scenes of the natural surroundings. Moreover, there is no dearth of facilities and entertainment options in Toronto. On the top of this, the culinary scene of the place is equally appealing, thanks to the people from various diverse backgrounds residing here. So, here are some of the options of spending quality time in Toronto.

Art Gallery Of Ontario

There are plenty of options for people here, and the same thing applies for the art lovers. They come across amazing pieces of artworks in Toronto, and a visit to Art Gallery of Ontario can leave one completely elevated and refreshed. People always love this great aesthetic experience.

Walking Tours

Walking Tours have always been quite popular among the people, and the common reason is that they get to see some of the famous spots in the city. Moreover, the presence of tour guides ensures that they don’t miss on any significant details about various intriguing buildings. The tours start from Union Station and take one to the City Hall via the Financial District.

Watching Movie In The Park

While there are a number of cinema halls in Toronto, it feels so unique and compelling to watch a movie in the park. There are a number of parks including Harbourfront, Christie Pits Film Festival, etc. that provide people the option of seeing the movie in the park during summer.

Harbourfront Center

Apart from the movie in the harbourfront on summer, there are other incredible ways of spending one’s time as well. One could always witness astonishing musical performances by people. Moreover, there are always cultural and food fests organised there from time to time, which are accompanied by DJs and dancing.

Kensington Market

Kensington Market has to offer a number of options as there is a dazzling array of bars, cafes, specialty food stores, produce stands, and vintage stores. Moreover, one could also get to eat some scintillating and scrumptious food here at a number of eating joints here like Global Cheese.

Music Garden

Music Garden is a happening place where people gather to enjoy live performances. There are always some concerts organised on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Outdoor Pool

One amazing thing about Toronto is the presence of outdoor pools here. One could simply feel refreshed after diving in one of those outdoor pools that are spread all over the city.


Visiting the beach is another great way of relaxing and soaking in the natural surroundings. Some of the spectacular beaches include Bluffer’s Park Beach, Cherry Beach, and Hanlan’s Point Beach.

Allen Gardens Conservatory

People find the place intriguing since they get to explore 16,000 square feet of area that is completely packed with all sorts of plants. It feels as if one is inside a tropical rainforest.

Toronto Botanical Garden

This spot is loved by nature lovers since they cannot hold themselves from visiting the spot again and again to appreciate the collection of plants here. There are 17 themed gardens in Toronto Botanical Garden that are spread over four acres of area.

Unearthing Extraordinary Things In Toronto That Differentiate It From The Rest Of The World

View Of Toronto

Toronto is acknowledged by people all over the world as one of the smartest and beautiful places on earth, simply because of the multitude of options that one has to spend one’s time and money here. Moreover, there is no dearth of some elevating and spots offering great chance to refresh oneself. So, here is a list of some extraordinary things and places in Toronto that definitely demarcate it from the rest of the world.

Youngest City In The World

Well, it is incredible that Toronto is world’s youngest city, as majority of people are in the age group of 15-29. So, obviously Toronto is rolling out some of the cutting edge digital technology that has made everyone’s life easier. The whole world is emulating people from Toronto because of their groundbreaking discoveries.

Smartest City

Toronto is among world’s smartest cities. It has able to earn this distinction by making some incredible discoveries in the field of technology. The best part is that the development in Toronto is environmentally friendly; that is, scientists are always looking for ways to produce such technology that doesn’t affect the environment in which we live.

Great Financial Stability

While the whole world grapples with severe economic conditions at times, this thing has never been witnessed by Canada, which was quoted to have world’s best economy by the World Economic Forum. This speaks volumes of the contributions made by the people of Toronto, since a majority of business goes about in this area in Canada.

Unity In Diversity

The best thing about Toronto is that it enjoys the distinction of being one of those few countries that enjoys great ethnic and cultural environment. Toronto is home to people from different nationalities, and the best part is that people here are very warm-hearted, and cooperative. So, they have fully embraced the customs and traditions of people from various backgrounds, which has, in turn, benefitted people here, since they can eat a great variety of food, and find a number of different reasons to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Scintillating Markets

Toronto is again among those cities in the world that have amazing markets. And, the prime example of this is the Kensington Market that is a intriguing maze of little streets and alleys that are always choked with people. The smell wafting from various restaurants here is too mesmerizing to resist. Moreover, the atmosphere is truly electrifying here. The streets are full of vendors who are there with amazing variety of products. Moreover, there are some great musical and dance performances by various groups as well.

Summer Festivals

Well, as it has already been emphasized that the place enjoys a great unity in diversity, so, it is quite obvious that there ought to be hundreds of festivals here. And, the situation is even better during the summers, since a great rush of people could be seen on the streets in summers, as they could be seen dancing and rejoicing in their popular festivals. And, as people in Toronto are truly receptive to others, they too never miss a chance to rejoice with other people.

Incredibly Adventurous And Entrancing Things To Do In Toronto

View Of CN Tower EdgeWalk

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Toronto is a place that abounds in natural and historical wonders. The place has no dearth of scintillating places that mesmerize the visitors. Moreover, the culinary scene of the place is well-developed as well. So, tourists love to enjoy the breathtaking scenic surroundings of Toronto along with the warm hospitality extended by the people. However, there are some things that stand out from others; so, here is a list of some of the top things that people definitely need to enjoy while being in Toronto.

Visiting High Park For Seeing Cherry Blossoms

The first thing that comes in the never-to-miss list of places to be visited in Toronto is a visit to High Park when spring has arrived fully, and has created a huge sea of incredible cotton blooms all over the park. Moreover, tourists who love to revel in their solitude should opt to visit during the week days here.

CN Tower EdgeWalk

The next memorable thing to do in Toronto is to walk around the most popular spot in the whole country, that is, CN Tower. The 30 minute walk around CN Tower offers unlimited fun, and the whole experience is simply unsurpassed.

Toronto Islands

Another scintillating adventure is to visit take a ferry to the intriguing Toronto Islands that are endowed with best climatic conditions, and have a dazzling array of entertainment options, including plenty of rides, etc. The place offers a perfect respite from the hectic life in the city.

Visit CNE

CNE is a perfect spot to enjoy the mouth-watering and tempting food, along with unlimited rides and games. However, one must be wary of not indulging in too much fried food, although occasionally relishing all sorts of food is never a problem.

Swimming At Sheraton

Sheraton has city’s largest indoor as well as outdoor heated pool. The thrill of swimming in the lukewarm water in extreme winters is simply exhilarating.

Visit PATH

PATH is the largest underground shopping centre in the world. So, the fun of traversing through this amazing place is simply unrivalled.

Visiting Kensington Market On Pedestrian Sundays

Kensington Market is a great place to visit, especially because of the dazzling variety of things that one get here. However, the place can be really crowded. So, the best time of visiting this market is the last Sunday of any of the six months, starting from May to October. One really enjoys the vibrant atmosphere of the place as there are a number of street performances, artworks on display, musical performances, and a great variety of food vendors.

Allen Gardens Conservatory

The best thing to brace the biting winds and chilling weather is to exercise the option of staying cozy and warm inside the Allen Gardens Conservatory, which offers truly warm ambience that elevates the mood of a person.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding is one of the most interesting things that a person could choose to do in Toronto, especially when one gets the option of paddle boarding in the tranquil and soothing waters of Lake Ontario. So, apart from the quick workout one gets to see some of the breathtaking views of the surroundings, including the skyline of one of the finest cities in the world.

Toronto’s Promising New Restaurant Openings That Could Define The Culinary Scene

View Of A New Restaurant

Toronto is a bustling place that is always teeming with visitors. They are almost hypnotized by its scintillating beauty and other features, including the great culinary scene here. In fact, the multicultural society provides a dazzling array of options to the people when it comes to choosing the type of food they want to eat. There are restaurants that serve authentic and entrancing dishes of various cuisines. And, the best part is that there is no dearth of such quality restaurants in Toronto. And, even promising thing is that the place always witness opening of new restaurants regularly. So, here is a list of promising new restaurants opening in Toronto which are capable of defining the culinary scene of Toronto.

Alo Restaurant

Alo Restaurant has come up with the efforts of the Chef Patrick Kriss, who is highly experienced and creative. People are greeted with five courses and diners could always make a choice from two totally different options. The dishes are impeccably prepared with imaginative use of fresh seasonal ingredients.

A3 Napoli

A3 Napoli is probably the best spot in Toronto that has carved a niche for itself when it comes to serving fried dishes to the people. Among the various fried items it serves are meatballs, arancini, and seasonal veggies, to name a few.

Swan By Rose And Sons

Anthony Rose is expanding his empire rapidly, and is gaining popularity for sure, as he has now taken over the famed Toronto restaurant ‘Swan’. He now plans to introduce California-inspired twist to the dishes, thanks to Rose’s experience of living in California. He has made it a point to use fresh and high-quality ingredients in order to produce simple yet highly elevating dishes.

Old School

Old School is a conspicuous spot in Dundas West that serves a perfect blend of classic BBQ dishes and comfort foods like mac and cheese, fried chicken, and plethora of indulgent brunch dishes. Moreover, there are some fulfilling milkshakes as well on the menu.

Kasa Moto

Kasa Moto is an upscale restaurant in Yorkville that has gained perfection in serving top-class sushi. It is owned by none other than the owners of the restaurants Little Fin, The Chase, and Colette. The place is so huge that it can accommodate around 400 people, besides accommodating 170 people on the patio. So, one could imagine the thrill of witnessing such a huge crowd talking noisily while munching their favourite Japanese dishes. The dishes are colourful and delicately plated, and the popular items include robata, sushi, and noodle dishes, to name but a few.

Bobbie’s Sue’s Mac + Cheese

The owners of Hawker Bar and Poutini have done an excellent job by foraying into the territory of mac and cheese. The dishes here are done to perfection, and exhibit the creativity and dexterity of the chefs. For instance, Cavatappi is immersed in house béchamel and is then topped with yummy cheeses and other tempting toppings. One could either go for the classic mac or try the new buffalo blue mac, pulled pork version, and delectable carbonara mac; all of which are served along with cheese and noodles that are topped with Grana Padano, pancetta, and egg yolk.

Exciting Hikes In Toronto’s Vicinity Offering Breathtaking Views

People Are Hiking

Toronto enjoys the great strategic locations amidst the naturally beautiful valleys and mountains. That means, one is sure to experience some breathtaking views of the city and the surroundings by embarking upon some exciting hikes. And, fortunately, there are a number of such hikes in the vicinity of Toronto that are bound to make one spellbound and mesmerized. So, here is a list of such incredible hikes.

Evergreen Brick Works

Evergreen Brick Works is a gentle biking and walking trail. The place was once a popular quarry called ‘Don Valley Brick Works’. However, it got closed in 1984, and since then the site has been reinvented as a gorgeous park that is bedecked with graffiti exhibition, children’s garden, and a beautiful ice skating rink. The best part is that it is located right in the heart of Toronto.

Bluffers Park And Trail

Bluffers Park And Trail is located in Scarborough and spans 15 km of the area. One could get some of the excellent panoramic views of the surroundings by climbing on this gentle hike. It is a great spot for the tourists who simply love to revel in their solitude and commune with nature.

Rouge Valley Conservation Centre

Rouge Valley Conservation Centre enjoys the distinction of being North America’s largest urban park. The best part is that it is easily accessible and is located in the city; however, one completely immerses in the natural idyllic atmosphere of the place here that is starkly different from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, its proximity to Toronto Zoo opens other options for the tourists to explore after they have spent some amazingly entrancing moments in the conservation centre.

Elora Gorge Conservation Area

Elora Gorge Conservation Area provides breathtaking views of the gorge by its side. The hiking trails here snake through the beautiful and calming river, and provide the visitors with much needed peace of mind.

Spencer Gorge Conservation Area

Spencer Gorge Conservation Area is located in Hamilton, which has a dubious image of being industrial port city. However, strenuous efforts by authorities have gone a long way in ensuring that the image of the place is now changed. There are a number of well-maintained beautiful parks here, along with some amazing waterfalls and cascades. There are some extensive hiking trails as well providing stunning views of the surroundings. Some of the popular spots in Spencer Gorge Conservation Area are Tew Falls, Webster Falls, and Dundas Peak.

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area

This forested area is popular among all sorts of hikers since there are both gentle and steep hikes here. And, one doesn’t locate any rattlesnake here as the name suggests, but one could also find a number of turkey, vultures, etc. Moreover, the idyllic environment of the place is completely soothing and invigorating.

Bruce Trail

Bruce Trail is a well-maintained and well-marked trail that explores the rich and diverse landscapes. It spans a wide area covering Nottawasaga Bluffs, Cheltenham Badlands, and Niagara Falls. The hikes here are gentle but offer great camping adventure. The place enjoys a roaring popularity among the tourists, and also, it has been declared a ‘World Biosphere Reserve’ by UNESCO.